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T. Sergeeva, Art Critic, Director of the Museum Society (Russia)

A. Romanovs miniatures are executed in the best traditions of artistic creation using metal and stone In his works, Romanov introduces modern methods, national traditions, a diversity of materials and a rich colour spectrum. This makes his every work unique and unmatched in their beauty.

(Foundryman of Russia ), 8, 2005 .

Mr/Romanov`s works are amazingly impressive with incredible style, taste and variety of selected themes. One of this masterpieces fireplace clock 300th Anniversary of the city of St.Petersburg deserves a special attention. This clock is finished in the best traditions of Peterburgs style. The author found unusually sophisticated innovative technical solutions using hidraullic, computer based and electromechanical approaches.

Mnt.magazine "", 78, Sept. 2011

We invite you to get acquainted with some of the artist's vivid, who, despite his 74 years, continues to amaze the audience wild imagination, perfect composition and masterful quality of their work.

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