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Michael von Muenchow, Jewellery designer (Germany)

A.Romanovs works impress with their diversity and handicraft mastership. They connect tradition with artistic design. A. Romanov uses a great variety of materials to create little masterpieces. The fine enamelling and the paintings are particularly impressive.

Professor M.Byalik, Honourable Master of Arts of Russia

In A.Romanovs creative works, a gust of inspiration is combined with hard work and determination. In his works, the artist achieves unbelievable perfection. And yet, his works are not limited by technical excellence. His creations convey something of the artists philosophy: Look around! See the many fascinating subjects engendered by history, religion, culture, and every day life.

Professor N.Yashmanov, Chairman of the Department, State Art Academy (Russia)

A. Romanovs work shows qualities rare today, such as a diversity of techniques, richness of topics and impeccable taste. These qualities make the artist a worthy representative of the Russian School of applied arts.

Ostseezeitung, 26. March 2001

In his clocks one can find a fusion of philosophy and history, which is also quite obvious in all of Romanovs art works.

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