Main Art Works

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1. Desk clock
Desk clock Egyptian The clock is mounted between four columns decorated by laurel leaves. The clock face is richly decorated with ornamental engraving. The cast bronze figure of a female Egyptian serves as the main decorative.
Private collection
2. Enamel Picture
"Village church"
Enamel Picture Village church This is enamel sketching of a real church in a small village in a central part of Russia.
Owened by the author
3. Fireplace clock
"Synagogue 1"
Fireplace clock Synagogue 1 Despite of being small it looks monumental. Perfectly confirms the priority of The Old Testament. The enamels are outstanding, especially the dome enamels.
Owened by the author
4. Desk clock
Desk clock Pagoda Most of this clock details are designed in traditions of Chinese cult architecture and ornaments. Small dragons are facing four parts of the world thus protecting the pagoda from natural disasters and evil creatures.
Owened by the author
5. Fireplace lock
"Synagogue 2"
Fireplace lock Synagogue 2 In comparison with the Sinagoghue 1 looks frivolous. The open-work domes are directed upward to God. It is snow white, gracious, and beautiful as a bride.
Private collection
6. Desk clock
"Little shepherd boy"
Desk clock Little shepherd boy Knick- Knack. No comments.
Owened by the author
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