Fireplace clock Sankt-Petersburg

Fireplace clock "Sankt-Petersburg" (2002)

39,6§28,0§12,5 cm
Bronze, brass, marble, malachite, gilding.

This clock is manufactured to commemorate the 300-th Anniversary of the founding of Saint-Petersburg. The center of the composition is a delicate fence with a marble column crowned by a marble vase. The design of the fence resembles the famous fence of the Summer Garden. On its left, there is a cast bust of Peter I (copy of the bust by B. Rastrelli) on a pedestal. The top of the pedestal is decorated by a two-headed eagle, symbolizing Saint-Petersburg as the capital of the Russian Empire. The lower walls of the pedestal are made of malachite.

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A mezuzah

A mezuzah (2012)

9,0 § 15,0 § 1,5 cm
Silver, enamel, gild, mother pearl.

Mezuzah is scroll of skin ritually pure animal, containing the text of the prayer from the Torah. Mezuzah proclaims the unity of God, and the existence of the covenant between Him and the Jewish people. Mezuzah shall be handwritten by a religious and highly skilled scribe. The scroll is placed in a casket, which then shall be attached to the doorjamb of the Jewish home.

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