Metronome, 2004
17,0 9,5 19,5 cm Silver, bronze, amber, enamel, gilding, lacquered miniature
In the upper part of the metronomes body an oscillation frequency regulator with a scale of 42 200 beats in a minute has been assembled. A clock is fixed in the centre of the scale. The regulator is propped up by to small cast figures of a young girl and a young boy playing the lyre and the pipe.
In the middle part of the body there is a work playing a Brahms waltz. The mechanism operating button is situated overhead on the left side of the body. The middle part of the body is decorated by amber in different drawings, by a bunch of lilies in a vase and also by two lacquered miniatures of depicted young women, simbolizing harmony (right) and melody (left).
In the lower part of the body, adorned by enamel, there is an electronic device with a control panel on it. The light and sound-light regimes of a signal feed are provided for. There is also a nest to turn on ear-phones. The loud signal is cut out at hearing by means of the ear-phones.