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Norddeutsche Neueste Nachrichten, 22. March 2000

Several aspects that typify Romanovs works are his thorough attention to every detail, the use of national and cultural traditions and a wide diversity of techniques and materials.

V. Silverstone, Vice-president company Boeing (USA)

It is a great pleasure to find out that in these turbulent times we can enjoy the outstanding art treasures, created by a great artist- Dr. Anatoly Romanov. His talent, vision, devotion and incomparable capabilities deserve worldwide recognition. His passion for perfection helped him to create these magnificent pieces of art.

J. Vardi, Jerusalem

As a collector of artwork I have examined numerous works of professor Anatoly Romanov. The motivation for his works based on History, Religion and traditional Folk art. His work is of the highest quality, especially in the design and technical application and the palette of materials used in both wide-ranging and admirable.

Erhard Brepohl, Ph. D., Prof., Germany

Anatoly Romanovs clocks are not only timepieces but also attractive ornamental objects that simply give pleasure. The different materials are used with great skill in order to realize the structural concerns and it is because of his versatility and technical ability that everything is so perfect.

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