Desk clock "Rostock", 2003
24,5 x 31,0 x 9,0 cm Bronze, brass, silver, mother-of-pearl, enamel, gilding
The clock is designed in the shape of an easel, on which there is a picture of a city harbour. The picture is made in the manner of a Russian lacquered miniature. The picture is inserted into the frame, witch is riveted with dark mother of pearl. In the corners of frame there are four enamel insets, decorated with the flowers. The frame has a matting with an architectural ornament painted in the same manner as the picture itself. Along the perimeter of the matting there are silver garlands of oak branches.
The front legs of the easel are made in the shape of caste griffins, which represent a part of the City of Rostock coat of arms. The design of the bar supporting the painting (picture) is based on the architectural motifs of the Rostock Town Hall. The easel's back leg is telescopic and rotating.
The clock is attached to the upper lath of the easel. The lath is designed using sea and sail motifs and decorated with coloured enamel laps. The dial of the clock is decorated with the silver laurel wreath.
Desk clock Rostock