Desk clock "Russian orthodox church", 2001
23,5 15,0 21,5 cm Gold plated silver, enamel, agate
This desk clock is designed in a shape of traditional cross like five domes Russian church. This little church structure is mounted on the agate plate. Upper surface of this plate is polished so finely that it has a reflection of the clock structure making an impression of the water reflection. This is to emphasize that traditionally Russian churches were build close to a river or lake.
There are no duplicate details in this church clock design. All domes and crosses differ in shape and color and ceramic shingles of each wing roof differ in pattern. Also shapes of the main porch and administrative porch differ in their structures and finishing.
The front of south wing is decorated with enamel on silver icon in old-Russian traditions. The roof of the church is topped with a double-headed eagle, symbol of Russian empire.
Desk clock Russian orthodox church