Desk clock "Pagoda", 1996
15,7 õ 15,0 õ 10,3 cm Brass, bronze, silver, enamel, gilding, chrysoprase, jasper, mother pearl, polysander
Most of this clock‘s details are designed following the traditions of Chinese architecture and decorative art. The back of the pagoda is decorated with a symbolic Chinese lion made of polysander.
The Chinese symbol of fertility is engraved behind this lion’s back. The front and back of the pagoda are decorated with engraved hieroglyphs from Confucius’ sayings for good health, long live, happiness etc.. There are enamel Chinese dragons on gilded silver plates as well.
The sides of the little inner "house" have windows incrusted by mother pearl. The roof of the pagoda is decorated with metal dragon figures, two big ones and four small ones. The two big dragons support the roof. The small dragons are pointing north, south, west and east thus protecting the pagoda from natural disasters and evil creatures. Small lanterns made of facetted green chrysopase are set on the site railings. The basis of the clock is made of polished jasper.
Desk clock Pagoda