Desk clock "Little shepherd boy", 1998
42,0 ű 19,0 ű 43,0 cm Bronze, brass, nephrit
The support for the clock is in the form of triumphal arch, the entablature of which is supported by six Corinthian columns. The figure of the Shepherd Boy stands on top of the entablature. The pendulum of the clock is fixed and is only for decorative effect. Entablature, pendulum and column bases are embellished with nephrite inlay. The ornate cast base on the piece supports, on either side of the arch, cast vases of flowers.
Also on the right of the base is a swivel bracket with picture frame and on the left is a swivel bracket with a candleholder. On top of the base in front of the arch is a hollow (for pens etc.)
Desk clock Little shepherd boy