Fireplace lock "Synagogue 2", 1997
21,1 29,0 8,9 cm Brass, silver, Gilding, Glass, Marble, Mosaics, corals
The two-domed architectural design of this clock is typical for European synagogues.
The lower section of the synagogue front has a little gate in the shape of a Menorah. This gate can be opened and then a silver plate with the engraved words in Hebrew "God, do not forget me (and my family)" can be seen. Above the clocks face there are symbolic tables with the engraved words "We praise the Lord" on their silver sides.
The domes are mandarin-shaped with slices made of blue and milk glass and brass and golden veins between the slices. The body of the clock is made of white marble and is decorated with turquoise, lapis and pearl windows with Jewish motifs.
Fireplace lock Synagogue 2