Fireplace clock "Synagogue 1", 1995
21,1 ű 29,0 ű 8,9 cm Brass, silver, copper, gilding, , marble, moon stone,moss agate, nephrite
This synagogue is a resemblance of the synagogue in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The main decoration of this clock is the dome very sophisticatedly made of double colored hot enamel. The dome drum base has windows with inserted pieces of moss agate. Each roof corner has four small minaret towers with little domes made of polished moon stone. The synagogue walls are faced with striped marble onyx of brown tone. The lower front side of the synagogue has a little fence decorated by inserted pieces of dark green nephrite and enamel medallions.
Above the clock face there is a golden plated silver plaque in the shape of a Torah with the etched words from the Bible "Peace on Earth". The walls of the synagogueĎs main body are decorated with details made of hot enamel in colours traditional for Jewish art. The clock is set atop a plate of redbrown marble.
Fireplace clock Synagogue 1