Main Art Works

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7. Fireplace clock
"Mosque 1"
Fireplace clock Mosque 1 This is a poem made of silver, stones, and enamels. On the front side of the clock words In the name of Gracious and Mersiful Allah are engraved in style of islamic calligrafy.
Private collection
8. Vase
Vase Russia Represents a rare combination of high quality cristal, fine stamping of gilded bronze moulding, and beautiful enamels made in the old Russian style. Made in a shape of a fighting boat stirred by a Russian warrior.
Private collection
9. Desk clock
"Russian orthodox church"
Desk clock Russian orthodox church Kaleidoscope of colors and ornaments. Unique, not repeating each other crosses, domes, drums under domes, roofs This all is reflected in a polished to mirror shine agate plate like in lake smooth surface water.
Private collection
10. Desk clock
"Saint Petersburg"
Desk clock Saint Petersburg Colorful illustration to the words from Pushkin poem I love you, the creature of Peter the Great has technical sophistication as a real mini water fountain and a complicated electronic device with a program that operates the fountain work and allows ordering different modes of its work.
Private collection
11. Treasure casket
"Twelve Apostles"
Treasure casket Twelve Apostles This is a unique art work. More than 900 silver components, 75 enamels, 12 enamel representations of the Apostles faces, 2 enamel ikons, and a lot of ornaments.... On the facade there are words: "Thy will be done".
Private collection.
12. Desk clock
Desk clock Rostock This work is not accidental. Rostock is a pleasant German resort city on the Baltic Sea. This city is not big but has an almost thousand-year history, old university, conservatory, opera theater, zoo, botanical garden, splendid beaches, and etc.. Come to Rostock!
Owened by the author.
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