Desk clock "Saint Petersburg", 2002
39,6 28,0 12,5 cm Bronze, brass, marble, malachite, gilding
This clock is manufactured to commemorate the 300-th Anniversary of the founding of Saint-Petersburg. The centre of the composition is a delicate fence with a marble column crowned by a marble vase. The design of the fence resembles the famous fence of the Summer Garden. On its left, there is a cast bust of Peter I (copy of the bust by B. Rastrelli) on a pedestal. The top of the pedestal is decorated by a two-headed eagle, symbolizing Saint-Petersburg as the capital of the Russian Empire. The lower walls of the pedestal are made of malachite.
The right side of the composition represents a pavilion with a clock on its top. The roof with the clock is supported by two cast Atlases. On the front wall of the pavilion there is a Mask of Neptune (a similar Mask can be found in a grotto of the Big Cascade in Petrodvorets).
The base of the clock is made in the form typical for Saint-Petersburg bridges and embankments. In the centre of the base there is a plate on which are engraved the first bars of the Anthem to the Great City (by R. Glier). The clock is designed with a working fountain which comprises four parts. The outer artistic part of the fountain, as mentioned above, is decorated with Neptunes Mask. A miniature pump station is situated inside of the pavilion. Inside the right part of the base there is a pool of water. The fountain is run by a programmable device mounted in the left part of the base. This device allows one to re-program the fountain schedule. The device and pump both require an electrical supply of 220-240 volts and 50 Hertz. The fountain recycles distilled water.
In the centre of the composition there is a cavity for soil, which contains life vegetation that doesnt require special care.
Desk clock Saint Petersburg