Treasure casket "Twelve Apostles", 2003
26 16 23,5 cm Silver, enamel, Agate, gilding, engraving, etching
The casket is designed in the shape of a square, two-storied orthodox church. The icon in the centre of the front facade shows Jesus Christ painted by enamelling technique. On the sill between the ground and the first floor are written the words Thy will be done. On the upper centre of the left face is an enamel painted icon of St. George. Below this icon a small clock is fitted. On the sill between the floors the words Thy Kingdom come are written.
The main part of the right face is a roofed, stepped entranceway surmounted by a small bell tower. Two winged church doors securing the inner chamber occupy the greater part of the rear face. The doors are decorated with ornamental variations of the cross.
Around the top, three to a side, are the enamelled paintings of the Twelve Apostles. These paintings are mounted in semi-circular ornamental frames in which the Apostles names are engraved. The church building is mounted on a polished agate base.
Treasure casket Twelve Apostles