Fireplace clock "Mosque 1", 2000
24,0 29,0 16,0 cm Gilded silver, enamel, marble, aventurine, moss agate, malachite, jade, nephrite
This clock is designed following traditions of Muslim mosque in the Middle East.
Clock itself is placed behind usually closed little gate. To look at time the gate needs to be opened by pulling out malachite button, which is located just above the gate. When this button is being released the gate returns to a closing position automatically. Above the gate on the front of the Mosque are traditional enamel written words from Koran For Allah, gracious and just. Front of the main arch is faced with plates made out of moss agate.
The dome is constructed as a mandarin with segments made of aventurine alternating with silver and gilded segments. The minaret peaks are made of faceted milky green jadeite, details above the balconies shaped like cap peaks are made of nephrite. Minarets and mosque main body are made of white marble. The mosque is mounted on plate of red/brown marble. Plants are live dwarf mountain palms. All metal details are decorated with engravings in Muslim traditions.
Fireplace clock Mosque 1