lock "Chronos and Eros", 2007
18,0 18,0 14,0 cm Silver, enamels, casting, gilding, granite, corals, glass, zirconium
Erotica is the subject of this composition with sensual young woman in the center. Her thighs are covered with lilies made of silver with enamels. Live cactus in front of her represents the masculine basis of the erotica. The fence is being built of sheet music showing two first bars of Ravels Bolero. In the center of each note youll find a cut cubic zirconium piece.
The body of the clock represents hexagon. The face of the clock is decorated with corals. At the edges youll see erotica style enamels with fairy tales birds from ancient Slavic epos Alkonost and Sirin. Their presence symbolizes the Good and Evil which is always present in erotica. The backsides are decorated with flowers, finished in a mixed manner of plique-a-jour and painted enamels. The hexagon pilasters caps are covered with bows. The eaves are decorated with small enamel hearts. The base of the clock is made of polished granite.
lock Chronos and Eros