Clock "Golden fleece", 2003
18,5 15,0 23,5 cm Bronze, brass, silver, Nautilus shell, pearl, mother-of-pearl, gilding
This composition is based on the adventures of the Argonauts who went to Colchis on the Argo ship to find the Golden Fleece. The centre of the composition is a triumphal Riton supported by two fish gliding on the crest of the wave, which is represented by the Nautilus shell. The Golden Fleece is attached in front of the shell. A symbolic Argo is mounted on the left side of the Riton . A clock is suspended on the opposite side.
The shell rests on a rectangular base, whose sides are decorated with vegetative ornaments and with mother-of- pearl inserts. The four console legs of the base are in the shape of vases, with a pearl attached to the top of each.
Clock Golden fleece