Icon "Relieve my sadness", 2010
19,0 13,0 12,5 cm Silver, gilding, turquoise, amber, enamel, filigree, glass
Oval icon of the Mother of God (painted enamel) is placed in a rectangular amber frame decorated with enamel and turquoise.
A glass cap covers up the icon from three sides. There is a crown on the top of this glass cover as a symbol of the Mother of God spiritual power. A decorative enamel angel is fastened on a face side of the glass cap that hangs over the icon.
The words from the prayer to the Mother of God Graceful Maria, the fetus in your womb is blessed by God, as you gave a birth to the Savior of our souls are engraved on a cylindrical side of the glass cap behind the icon.
The sides of the glass cap have a shape of columns. The lower part of the glass cap is decorated with a fine lattice (fine filigree).
The icon and the glass cap are mounted on a base with three supporting bearings. The base has a form of a cylinder with a cut off front surface. The words Relieve my sadness are written on this surface with enamel. Two candleholders are mounted on the two supporting bearings.
Icon Relieve my sadness