The Tabernacle 2, 2017
Dimensions: 17,6 x 27.0 x 13 cm Silver, enamel, gold plated, malachite, filigree
The tabernacle is the most sacred object in the altar of the Christian Temple.
This Tabernacle (hereinafter "D") has grids in the form of stylized flowers instead of ordinary walls. The Tsars Gates are decorated with the icons of Archangel Gabriel and of Virgin Mary, illustrating the biblical story of the Annunciation.
D has a complex five-domed roof. The surface of the roof is covered with "tiles" - small silver plates. In the headpieces (kokoshniks) of the roof, icons of Jesus Christ, of Virgin Mary, of John the Baptist and of St. Anna (mother of Virgin Mary) are installed. At the corners of the roof of the Tabernacle are the figures of angels.
The central area under the Dome is decorated withmounted icons of St. George, of Andrew the Apostle, of St. Vladimir the Great and of St. Sergius of Radonezh.
The base of D is decorated with malachite plates.
The icon painter Ekaterina Veselova painted the icons.
The Tabernacle 2