Set of Mezuzahs for a Reach Jews House, 2014
Big mezuzah (152 x 92 x 23) mm
Small mezuzah (115 x 55 x 22) mm
Silver, gild, enamel, pearls, malachite
Mezuzah is a scroll of specially prepared animal skin from ritually clean animal which is inscribed with words of wisdom from Torah and placed in a case that is fixed to the doorpost by some Jewish families as a sign and reminder of their faith. The scroll is inscribed by a religious and highly skilled scribe.
This set consists of three mezuzahs.
The cases for all mezuzahs have the same shape of a half-cylinder where the scrolls in covers of dark-crimson velvet and plastic bags are placed.
The external surfaces of all mezuzah cases symbolize temples which are decorated with Judaic symbols done in artistic techniques of filigree and enamel.
The cases of the two main mezuzahs have columns of different designs and they are crowned with miniature decorative torahs on the top.
Set of Mezuzahs for a Reach Jews House
Set of Mezuzahs for a Reach Jews House