Desk set "Chaliapin", 2005
30,5 13,0 28,0 cm Bronze, brass, redwood, crystal, enamels, hand painted porcelain, gilding
This work is being based on a well known portrait of Chaliapin by the famous Russian artist Mr. Kustodiev. (This painting is located in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg).
It looks like that Chaliapin (made of bronze) is stepping from his portrait located behind. The painting is decorated with enameled applications and attached to the easel. This miniature is being painted on a porcelain using overglased method. It does reflect the original Kustodiev composition.
The base of this set with two sliding drawers is made of Redwood and its being decorated with enameled medallions. The handles of the drawers are shaped in the forms of lyres.
On the left side of the base youll find a functional stand. Two other stands on the left and right sides have vertical slots for pens and pencils. In the front there is another slot for messages and business cards. The front has a semi circle shape with enameled ornament. On the top of the stand youll find quartz clock built into the crystal by Swarovski.
Desk set Chaliapin