Table/Fireplace clock "Ural Fairy Tale", 2006
14,0 24,0 11,0 cm Silver, enamels, filigree, gilding, engraving, malachite, emeralds, diamonds, amethyst, pearls, ivory, uvarovite, jasper, aquamarine and other Ural precious stones
The composition of this clock is based on Ural Tales. The female represents the main character of the Tales Landlady of the Copper Mountain. At the edge of her dress one can see a small golden lizard according to the Tales, Landlady was turning quite frequently into a lizard. Her crown is decorated with a diamond (.09 ct). Next to her youll find her Treasure Chest filled with precious Ural Mountains stones. The Landlady stands on a grass plot, made of green shiny uvarovite found in Urals only.
The basis is hexagon piece of malachite with enamels covered legs. Quartz movement clock has a face decorated with pearls and four emeralds. On the opposite side there is an opening, covered with a decorative panel its being used for battery replacement.
For protection from dust and moisture a glass cover I being used.
Table/Fireplace clock Ural Fairy Tale