Fireplace clock "The Apostle Peter blesses Emperor Peter the Great to build the great City", 2006
35,0 24,0 11,5 cm Bronze, brass, ebony, malachite, casting, miniature painting, gilding, patina
The dominant feature of this composition is a group sculpture. Its foreground shows the Emperor Peter I studying a sketch of the city to be built. Behind him there is a figure of the Apostle Peter. The left part of the composition reveals embodied plans of Peter I, which are represented by some famous symbols of S-Petersburg (the fence of the Summer Garden, a bastion of the Peter-and-Paul fortress, an embankment with the Bankovsky bridge gryphons, through which the entire Peter-and-Paul fortress can be seen).
The bearings of each gryphon are decorated with inserts of a military triumph, which is quite characteristic for the architectural decor of the city. The base of the group sculpture is decorated in front and on the right by malachite inserts. In the past, this stone was used extensively to decorate many interiors in palaces and churches of the city.
Behind the fence there is a planter, which can be used to hold artificial plants or flowers.
The metal part of the composition is situates on a plate made of ebony with architecturally designed massive legs.
Fireplace clock The Apostle Peter blesses Emperor Peter the Great to build the great City