Altar, 2013
24.0 x 26.0 x 5.5 cm Silver, gilding, enamel wood, filigree
The Center of the composition are the Royal Gates. When closed the Gates are fixed by a spring detent to prevent inadvertent opening. At the opening of the Gates a book is visible. The book rests in a special rack, upholstered in velvet inside. Book size 48 x 43 x 7 mm. The cover of the book is richly decorated with enamels. In the center of the cover there is a medallion that displays two Old Church Slavonic letters C and B an abbreviation meaning in Russian Simvol Very (Symbol of Faith). That is the main Orthodox prayer the text of which is engraved on the silver pages of the book. The book has 7 sheets, not counting the covers. When closed, the covers of the book are stitched with a miniature brace. By pushing the brace one can browse and read the book.
Behind the books rack, on the wooden wall there is a mandatory for the altar Menorah in the form of a stylized Cross.
On the wall of the Altar, there are three icons of the Savior, the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel. Supporting and decorating framework along the perimeter form a circuit of a Temple with a central dome, topped with a canonical Crown. Left and right of the Dome situate domes with crosses. Domes are decorated with twisted enamels in the type of the St. Basils Cathedral in Moscow.
At the base of the wooden structure there is a drawer with a handle. When the drawer pushed forward, a miniature record player can be seen. It stores a recording of a chanted prayer Creed.
In the drawer, there is a storage space for a charge cable. On the reverse site of the Altar there are eyelets for hanging on the wall. There is a dumper below; pushing it we can easily take out the player, for example, for recharging.