Clock "Dolls" , 2015
23,5 x 19,0 x 17,0 sm Silver, wood, porcelain, enamels, gilding

On the upper platform of this clock there are two standing dolls. These dolls start dancing (spinning around) when somebody is standing in a front of the clock. All mechanisms (for clock, music, and dance of dolls) are set up in the central part of the clock which is done in a style of a little log house.
The controlling apparatus for the mechanisms, including a sensor responsible for registering of a man appearance in a front of the clock, is set up in the wooden base of the clock The front supports of the base have a shape of dolls-musicians. The clock is richly decorated with elements of Russian folk art, such as enamel medallions with images of fairytale bird and fish, porcelain insertions with vegetable ornaments, wooden panels painted in the hohloma style, and etc.

Clock Dolls