A mezuzah, 2012
9,0 15,0 1,5 cm Silver, enamel, gild, mother pearl
Mezuzah is scroll of skin ritually pure animal, containing the text of the prayer from the Torah. Mezuzah proclaims the unity of God, and the existence of the covenant between Him and the Jewish people. Mezuzah shall be handwritten by a religious and highly skilled scribe. The scroll is placed in a casket, which then shall be attached to the doorjamb of the Jewish home.
The main part of the case has the shape of a half-cylinder box covered inside with velvet. The outer surface of the half-cylinder is decorated with the symbols of Judaism, made in filigree technique with enamels. The case is designed as a temple, and on its roof mounted the Torah topped with the crown.
The columns of the temple are decorated with enamels in the form of cornflowers. On the bases of the columns the lions mascarons are attached.
A mezuzah
A mezuzah